4th Call: 04/07/23, deadline 27/08/23 end of the day CET.

The programme will fund 20 fellowships of 2 years duration, distributed in 2 calls, 10 fellowships in each call

Eligibility criteria

If you fulfil the mobility rule, then yes. If you have worked or lived in Spain for more than 12 months out of the last 36 months at the date of the call deadline, you are not eligible.

To be eligible you must be in possession of a PhD or have accumulated at least 4 years of full time equivalent postgraduate research experience prior to the call deadline.

Your scientific achievements should be relevant for the topics you are interested to work on. Otherwise you would have difficulties to obtain a sufficient score for a competitive candidature. Apart from this competitive factor and the general eligibility criteria there are no formal restrictions to your PhD.

Application Process

Applications need to be submitted through CRAGJobs, CRAG submission platform. Please read with attention the “Application Process” section.

No, only one application per participant is eligible.

In the “Host group” section of AGenT webpage you will find the groups and the contact of the Principal Investigators willing to host a fellowship.

No, modifications will not be accepted after the call deadline. Selected applicants invited for interview will be able to introduce additional information in their presentations

You will be asked to ensure the submission of at least two reference letters from scientists with whom you have studied or worked.  Letters should be sent directly by the referees.

You must use the CV template that you can find in the Call Documents & TemplateS section of this webpage. The template contains the main information that will be taken into consideration during the evaluation process. 

A family allowance will be paid in case the researcher has family obligations. In this context, family is defined as persons linked to the researcher: (i) by marriage; (ii) by a relationship with equivalent status to a marriage recognised by the legislation of the country or region where this relationship was formalised; (iii) as dependent children who are actually being maintained by the researcher. The family status of a researcher will be determined at the date of deadline of the call and will be revised during the lifetime of the action if fellows change their status in terms of dependent children.

You will have to submit a mobility rule declaration, the template can be found in the “Call Documents and Templates” section of this webpage.

Having at least 4 years of postgraduate research experience can be demonstrated by an official document such as work contract or certification of studies issued by an educational institution.

No. You can translate the PhD degree yourself. You don’t have to translate it if it was originally issued in English or Spanish.

Selection process

All interviews will be held by tele- or videoconference.

No. All interviews will be conducted in English.

Applicants will be informed on the progress at all stages of the process. E-mail is the main instrument for communication during the process.

Yes, you can request a redress procedure if you believe that a mistake has been made during the selection process that may affect the outcome of your eligibility check or evaluation. For more information, please see the Redress Procedure.

Appointment condition

Annual gross salary: 35,300€/year plus a single allowance of 2,000€ relocation support for researchers with residence out of the Barcelona area (Spanish tax and social security deductions apply).

We can´t indicate precise net salary, it will depend on your particular situation.

To avoid discrimination and promote gender equality, in case of parental or medical leave, the fellowship will be suspended and the employment contract will be extended for the duration of the compulsory parental leave or medical leave, up to one year. During parental or medical leave the fellow will have full social security coverage and will receive the full salary, partially covered by the Spanish social security.

Selected candidates will have up to 6 months from the resolution of the call to join CRAG. The time needed to formalized the contract will depend on your personal situation (work permits, visa, etc.).

Other questions

English is the language for all research activities at CRAG. AGenT is an international programme and a sound command of English is a requirement for effective work under the fellowship.

For your information, we state that there are 2 official languages in Catalonia: Spanish and Catalan.